Wednesday, December 30, 2015



As we begin 2017 let's try to set realistic goals and expectations for our students and ourselves! I am so guilty of seeing all that other teachers post, create, and do in their classrooms, and can allow myself to feel "not good enough".  I have to remind myself that each of our lives are different! Embrace YOUR talents and time! I'm a work in progress! I am learning NOT to compare myself to others, but only strive to be better than I was the day before.  We must remember each of us are different and have so much to offer if we stay true to ourselves! As educators, we must teach this to our students. They have so many struggles to overcome. Our students only see through eyes of what other student's have, are able to achieve, and hear through ears of students who critique their differences only a daily basis. It is up to us, to get to know our students, take time DAILY to listen to what your students have to say.
In order to achieve this is my classroom, I use the book The Coat of Many Colors, by Dolly Parton. I used this same book when my own children were younger. They would ask me if we were "rich", I always told them  "YES!, Rich in LOVE!" They grew up believing they were "wealthy" rich, and "love" rich! Just like Dolly, my own children and students learn that regardless what others say, "one is only poor only if they choose to be". We discuss that Dolly faced being made fun of, laughed at, called names, didn't have the latest and greatest things, but because of her families love she had the choice to make her life HER SUCCESS in spite of all others said and did to her. By allowing our students to see what we have faced in life, others obstacles, and then the successes of others, together WE CAN MAKE THEM SEE AND BELIEVE in themselves!
May each of you be BLESSED with an OINKTASTIC 2017!