Wednesday, December 28, 2016

What are you doing over Christmas Break?

I've been using part of my Christmas Break to redo products in my TpT store. As I began looking at my first products, I realize how far I've come! I truly do learn best by my mistakes. Don't be afraid to try new things for the fear of failing. Just do YOUR best, and put one foot in front of the other. 

I hope you'll check out my PLANTS and ANIMALS VOCABULARY cards. These are $5 for 50
COMMON CORE TERMS. This set is great for 2nd - 5th grade, but I made it using 3RD GRADE COMMON CORE STANDARDS.

 When I taught 3rd grade, this set stayed up ALL YEAR. I put up the words LIFE SCIENCE, the under that, I added PLANTS and ANIMALS. I worked my way down our bulletin board with words that went with plants under PLANTS HEADING, words that only went with animals, ANIMAL HEADING. Those COMMON CORE words that fit with BOTH PLANTS and ANIMALS, went in the middle. This was a go to resource for my students ALL YEAR. They were required to use the word ORGANISM for LIVING THINGS, etc. A great trick I used for teaching the word organism was to tell them if you really want to make your brother, sister, or friend mad, call the a little organism. Then, I acted like their siblings went running off to Mom or Dad to tell on them for calling them a little organism. Needless to say, my kids ALWAYS remembered what an organism was because of the way in which I introduced it. I call it the "SHOCK and GROSSOLOGY" teaching method. I'll explain teaching with "GROSSOLOGY in another post. 

I hope you are relaxing, enjoying family time, and catching up on your must do list. For me, it feels so good to be getting things done I've wanted to do for so long. Until next time, may you be blessed with an OINKTASTIC DAY!


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