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Interactive Close Read Alouds only require the teacher having the book. 

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For those who have not followed me on Social Media, may not have heard that On September 20, 2017, my 13 month old granddaughter Presley June (June Bug) was tragically hit by a car and went home to MY HEAVENLY SAVIOR. Needless to say, our lives have forever been changed, our hearts are beyond devastated, but we know and trust GOD during this difficult time. I only share this because I was on Social Media Daily communicating with many of you. When the timing is right, I will return.

You can ALWAYS reach me at my email, if you need or want to request a special resource. I’m truly blessed and thankful for each of YOU being loyal Oink4PIGTALES followers. My store has and is continuing to grow, because of each of YOU!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Welcome to all My New and Old Followers Close Read FREEBIE!

Welcome to all my NEW FOLLOWERS! I'm so happy you've decided to follow my TpT Oink4PIGTALES page! As a THANK YOU to ALL my followers, I'm GIVING YOU one of MY CLOSE READS for FREE! No hoops to jump through with this GIVEAWAY! 

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Email Freebies


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What child doesn't like catching fireflies? Turn this fun activity into a learning opportunity with my FIREFLIES UNIT for Summer. You and your students will learn some truly amazing facts, make a Flip-It Book, learn about its life-cycle, and can even do online research.

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Saturday, May 13, 2017

May 13, 2017


If you want FREEBIES that will be only given away here on my blog, leave your email and I will send them to you when posted. You will not receive any other emails from Oink4PIGTALES other than FREEBIES and GIVEAWAYS!! You can keep up with my all my new products and sales by following me on TpT. Make sure you always check your monthly TpT inbox for my Newsletter. You never know what you will find! I like to keep things HOG WILD and OINKTASTIC! 
I hope this blog post will help you wind down your school year, and prepare you for a smooth Back to School! These are just things I have done for over 20 years to make returning to school so much easier!

End of Year

I always end the school year by copying the materials, I KNOW for sure I will be using the first six weeks. I get all my parent handbooks copied, assembled, and stored. Supply List, volunteer sheets, etc. I put all of these things in a file folder storage box. You can put these things in any things that will keep them flat, and wrinkle free.

I copy ALL my "Back to School Resources".  You know those resources you have on hand for the First Day of School. I usually will put out a coloring sheet, Get to know you sheet, or just plain blank paper and crayons. This will depend on the grade you teach. Still gather that plain blank paper and add it to your Back to School Resource Box. I include lots of  FUN ACTIVITIES that go over our "CLASS GUIDELINES" to do my first week.

The first several weeks, I go over our Class Guidelines during my morning routine, and have them discuss their understanding of these FOUR GUIDELINE. I promise you can fit any classroom RULE into these guidelines! The set I use comes with a Flip-It Tab Book for students to work on each day, and gives daily review of our class guidelines. If you do not establish a POSITIVE CLASSROOM from the beginning, you will spend ALL school year managing behaviors. 

I use Piggy Money as my rewards and Behaviors. By using money, I am able to teach and integrate Economics into my curriculum on a daily basis.  Students learn the value of money, the differences between wants and needs, how to keep up with their own money, and make change. These are Life Skills every student needs. I carry multiple theme sets in my store of Character Education Money.  If I do not have your theme, please email me and I will be happy to make them and add them to my store. Below is a picture of my Teacher Book and Classroom Money Set. Click on the link below to see the FULL PREVIEW of this resource. If you are interested in this Resource in another Theme, message me on TpT in the questions set and I will be happy to make it for you.

Pig Theme Classroom Rules Flip-It Book Rewards and Behavior Set

Back to School Books

Books I Use:

I gather all my Back to School Books and Close Reads that go with them, crafts, etc. and place these all in one box that is labeled 1st six weeks.These are the books I use the first six weeks of school for my Balanced Literacy, CLOSE READS. These books will be coming soon as Close Reads, 5 Day Lesson Plans, Phonics, Vocabulary, Concept Sorts, Comprehension Cards, Crafts, and Digging Deeper Questions for EVERY PAGE in these books. These Close Reads will be added to my Growing Close Reads Year Long Bundle. You have got to check out my Close Reads. My Close Reads are unlike any Close Reads you have purchased on TpT or anywhere else before. I started making these to sell in October, and these are my Top Selling Resources! 
Click on the link below to see the completed Close Read for Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon, a must read book for every grade!

Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon Close Read

Coming This Summer in Close Reads:

Hooway for Wodney Wat by He
len Lester
Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes
Mean Jean the Recess Queen by Alexis O'Neill
Unique Monique by Maria Rousakis

 NONFICTION Close Reads Unit will be coming soon! Be on the look out to get it HALF OFF for the first 24 hours posted.

The First two week of school I read the following books to get students used to class guidelines, procedures, and fun activities to make them want to come back! I keep all of these in my First  Two Weeks of School Box. I do not do Close Reads with these books. I use these with lots of craftivities, games, and getting students used to sitting, digging deeper, and having fun with reading. I'm still cover ALL Story Elements, but they are just not putting it down in worksheets, and ELA Journals, yet. I will blog about my ELA Journals soon.

First Day Jitters by Julie Danneberg
You are Special by Max Lucado
Coat of Many Colors by Dolly Parton
Dream Big Little Pig by Kristi Yamaguchi
Hogwash by Karma Wilson

I spend the first TWO WEEKS of school gradually working my students into our daily work routine. DO NOT get caught up in what other teachers are doing. It is NOT a race to finish the text book! Our jobs are to build a relationship with each students. Get to know and find something about each one that you LOVE! Those who need us the most are those that we have to look really hard to find that one thing. To do this, I have lots of fun things planned. I read LOTS of Books on Character Education, and we make LOTS of CRAFTIVITIES to go along with these books. You are NOT wasting time! Students are using fine motor skills, building relationships with their peers, learning how to use and store supplies, what they cannot do, follow oral directions, and build on Reading Skills.


I clean and pack all the things up so they are fresh and clean when I return to set my room back up. I store them in totes, or copy boxes from our school's paper boxes. I take larger items and store them in clear cheap garbage bags, like my lamps and lamp shades.
I clean out all centers, check for missing pieces, Clorox the manipulatives, and then pack them away. I go through my Classroom Library checking for books that need repaired, or replace. I do not throw away books that are falling apart. We will use these pages in the school year to Highlight parts of speech, find main idea, words we do not know, etc.  So many uses for these pages. I put things books back on bookshelves making sure they are in correct order, then I wrap the WHOLE BOOKCASE in SARAN WRAP. This way, nothing is moldy or dusty, doesn't fall out when being moved, and when I return, all I do is cut off the Saran Wrap and I am ready.

Purchase, Make, and Complete TWO resources this summer.

Find at least two TpT products, or store bought products over the summer that will make your return to school easier. Don't procrastinate! Work a little once a week getting this ready. Even if you only add ONE new resource, get it copied, laminated, and stored, that puts you one step ahead of where your were, and you will love being ahead of the game in August.

No need to consume your whole summer dreading back to school once you learn to end your school year as I have been doing for over 20 years! This really takes the stress, pressure, and tiredness out of those hardest weeks of the year.

Be sure and check out some of newest TpT products. I've got some great ones for Summer School, Preschool, and Back to School.

Check out a Sample Freebie of the Tiny Seed Close Read.
Freebie Sample Close Read


Check out North America's only luminous insect. Once a year in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, these Fireflies light up the night, for only three weeks. Find out why in this fun fact filled book!


Check out this Animals Around the World Bundle. I just  added this set in March, and it has quickly made its way to my number 16th best selling resource.

Animals Around the World K-3rd Grade Bundle

I hope you found this post useful and helpful to you! If you can't accomplish all of these things,  pick one or two things that will help YOU the most at the beginning of school, and each year, add one more thing to your to do list.

Friday, March 31, 2017


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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Close Reads or Guided Reading

What is Close Reading?
To put in simple terms, Close reading of text is simply a strategy to help students REALLY understand what they are reading. The Common Core standards now call for students to be actively engaged with text. Close Reads require students dig deeper into text by using their schema (personal experiences) and how to use text evidence to support their understanding of what they are reading. Close Reads teach students how to approach reading stories, by breaking them down in to smaller chunks, having them write with Daily Focus Questions, about open ended, but specific questions.

Remember, students need to:

1. Read closely to determine what they think the     text is
really saying.
2. Make logical inferences from the text.
3. Refer back to text for to find text evidence that
supports their answers.

4. make text to self connections.

The teachers job in Close Reads is to:

1. Select complex text so students can connect with the stories or text.
2. Give students a purpose or reason to read.
3. Expose students with varied genres and text difficulty.

Close Read Questions are higher level, vocabulary is selected to expose students to higher level words.

Guided Reading Teacher are asking:


Close Reads Teacher ask more of:

Close Reading has a direct instruction of vocabulary, text dependent questions, has ALL students reading at a level higher than their Ability Level which helps teach students to learn by digging deeper into text with teacher modeling, and close reads meets ALL COMMON CORE STANDARDS in ELA.

Guided Reading is the name given to the "old school approach" of keeping students ability grouped in small group. Students are taught in a way that best meets their individual needs without frustrating them, but still encouraging progress. From what all I've been reading, guided reading is more a name given
to teachers who prefer to teach reading in SMALL GROUPS and vary difficulty of reading materials based on students reading level.

For me, I think my CLOSE READS can fall somewhere in the middle of Close Reads and Guided Reading. Small Group Instruction is still apart of Close Reading for me. I DO PUSH ALL MY STUDENTS, we ALL READ at HIGHER GRADE LEVEL TEXT, but, I have found that I can take ANY BOOK, and DRAW HIGHER LEVEL THINKING needed to meet Common Core requirements.

* For example, Polar Babies, Polar Babies, What did you Learn? Is a Kindergarten level book. I have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade teachers who use this Close Read and are amazed at how engaged their students became when the questioning, writing, and vocabulary activities came into play. They use this book as a starting point in science and ELA to integrate the two subjects into one.

This is what I found on Close Reads and Guided Reading, by searching multiple state web sites, reading various books on reading instruction, and how to best teach reading. 

Bottom line... call it what ever you want, just create a LOVE of reading for your students and model, model, model, how to teach them to understand what they are reading and why.

Here is a chart I made to help me understand the differences I found between the two.

CLOSE READING                                 
* Reader-directed way of approaching text.
* Meaning is on the focus of the actual text
Skills are not introduced before reading
they are explored and taken from text.
* Vocabulary is looked at by reading text
over several times.
* Reread chunks of text or small pages of
text at a time to dig deeper into what the
meaning really is.
* Text is challenging but can be not to hard.
* Text may be on a lower level, but more
complex questioning is used to expand and
build upon vocabulary or topics.
* Show what you know by discussions and
daily writings.
* Is used in primary and intermediate grades
to teach and model for students what it
takes to be an independent and successful
* Students work in small groups, whole
groups, and with partners.
* Students over time become more
independent readers able to read text on
their own answering questions they've been
taught to use.
* Main assessment is through discussion and

written responses.

* Teacher lead approach to text
* Focus is one building on or more reading
* Vocabulary is introduced before beginning
reading story or passages.
* Use picture walk through before beginning
reading context.
* Focus is to build reading fluency and
practice decoding strategies.
* Books and stories are chosen based on
grade level/student ability levels.
* Students may show what they know in a
variety of activities chosen by the teacher.
* Students answer text based questions with
own response.
* Used mostly in primary grades.
* Students read only small passages or
* Students work mostly in Small groups
based on leveling abilities.
* Student is slowly given more independence
as time progresses.

* Main assessment is about story comprehension

I hope this blog from my research and point of view help you better understand the differences between the two strategies in teaching reading. Since I was making so many Close Reads, I felt they also fell in the category of Guided Reading too. So, I took out my reading strategy books, went online, and began my own research to make sure what I was calling Close Reads were truly Close Reads, not Guided Reading. I think Thematic Reading Units would best be an appropriate name for those units that fall somewhere in the middle of Close Reads and Guided  Reading.

Hope you enjoyed this LONG blog! Be sure and check out ALL my Close Reads in my TpT Store. My March Bundle is already up!


Sunday, February 5, 2017


Check out my newest resources while you are in my TpT! Also, be on the look out for my OLDER products to be updated with NEW CLIP ART, and FONTS, and EXTRAS! Over the past two years I have been blessed to be a seller on TpT and learn so much! What I thought was PERFECT two years ago, I look at now and think, YUCK! 

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This set is a MUST have! Having Interactive Journal Activities for ANY BOOK, POSTERS ready for SKILLS, TASK CARDS that are for your ELA CENTERS, you will not believe how you ever made it without this set. Great for DIFFERENTIATION, EVALUATIONS, and ALL YEAR! For only $8 you have it all and are always ready for UNANNOUNCED EVALUATIONS because your students will know how to do the TASK already. ENJOY!

This one set is $4. You can get the ANIMAL SCIENCE GROWING BUNDLE for $7. It's a $14 VALUE so this means you're getting HALF OFF! There is still ONE SET LEFT to add to this BUNDLE, and a few surprise here and there. Here is the GROWING BUNDLE

                                           ANIMAL SCIENCE GROWING BUNDLE

This set is OINKTASTIC if I say so myself! You will LOVE all the ways you can use this resource! It features ALL species and comes with so many resources that are open ended. You will LOVE this set! $7 and still GROWING as will the price!

This is a colorful set that is great for Kindergarten through 3rd grade. TpT does not like us to choose more than 3 grade levels for a product unless it truly is FOR ALL GRADES. I make ALL my products NOW for K-3rd grade in mind. As a former 3rd grade teacher, I have a best friend who teaches 3rd, my daughter teaches 1st, and now I teach Kindergarten. So, I make products that ALL THREE of us can use.  It has students classify NOUNS as PEOPLE, PLACES, and THINGS. THINGS always seems to get my students the most. Then, VERBS they sort by PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE Tenses. This set is COLORFUL and has WORDS WRITTEN ON each TASK CARD. Your students will LOVE this set.

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It's been a BUSY JANUARY for me! I have had to realize that I am NOT a SUPER WOMAN this month! I've Been hoping for SNOW DAYS, but it doesn't look like they are going to come anytime soon! Between teaching, creating new TpT products, updating older products, Instagram, and Facebook, I have let my blogging go for a bit! Tonight, I found myself wanting to let others know that it's HARD WORK teaching our future generation, and if we don't take time for ourselves, everything that we care most about suffers!
I am trying to create a BALANCE between my FAMILY, SCHOOL, TpT, and ALL the Social Media outlets. It's hard for me to do this. Whatever I do, I give it 100%, and get frustrated with myself when I feel I'm not doing this. I know I am way to hard on myself and am striving daily to improve the way in which I VIEW MYSELF. I know you, as well as many other teachers find themselves in this same situation. We want the best for our students, families, and our TpT stores. So we give  ALL WE HAVE of OURSELVES in order to do this. I hope by writing tonight, that each of us will realize we are HUMANS without SUPER POWERS! We must slow down, put our families and selves first! By doing this, we will be able to spread KINDNESS to ALL who we come in contact with in our lives and love ourselves the way in which we should. I hope this reaches all the other women out there trying to be a SUPER WOMAN just like me. We must remember, WE ARE SUPER in so many ways. Just by loving our students, listening to them, and learning to love and accept our imperfections makes us truly SUPER!

May you each have an OINKTASTIC night!

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Monday, January 16, 2017


I'm not sure what I did before I found Instagram. If you are not using Instagram, you have no idea what you are missing! I have made friends with teachers all over the world! Chatting with them, exchanging ideas, and seeing how things here in the United Stated differ with other countries, is truly amazing. Also, meeting and interacting with teachers within the United States is an eye opener for me. I love seeing their classrooms. bargains they find for the classroom, freebies, teaching ideas, games, and watching their children and pets change and grow over a couple of years. If you are not already on Instagram, I encourage you to give it a try. You can start by following me Oink4PIGTALES. I'm on there DAILY! I'm lost without interacting with my friends each day. You can share photos, images, etc. with others privately, or publicly. I hope you will give it a try!

If you're like me, I'm rather sad tonight! It's my last day off until the middle of April! We have NO WINTER BREAK, so praying for lots of SNOW! How about you? Do you all get a WINTER BREAK? I know my friends in Australia are preparing for BACK TO SCHOOL! Know matter how long I'm off, I always want...one more day!

May each of you have a PIGARRIFIC week, and spread KINDNESS like CONFETTI!


Sunday, January 15, 2017


These are just a few tips on how to take ANY TpT product you purchase and use it for more than one thing. Let's use one page of my INFERENCE TASKS SET as an example.

You can do these things ORALLY, or you can copy this set on MULTIPLE colors of card stock so you can have various centers for just this one product, Make one for finding PRONOUNS, VERBS, LINKING VERBS, HELPING VERBS, PAST TENSE VERBS, NOUNS, COMMON & PROPER NOUNS, ETC, Make another center for ANTONYMS and SYNONYMS.

For LOWER ELA classes, you can use your different products to have students search for CAPITAL LETTERS, DIFFERENT END MARKS, COUNT THE NUMBER OF TIMES a SIGHT WORD is used, etc.

So now lets take question 19 and use it to see what skills we can add this set to make our money go even further.
1. I can change the word type to kind. (synonyms)
2. I is found in this task 4 times and is a PRONOUN.
3. Ask is a VERB, the opposite of ask is TELL, this is an example of  ANTONYMS.
4. End is an ANTONYM for BEGIN.
5. Sight Words I spy are: I, am, a, you, with, what, of, & can.

By using just this ONE TASK card, I could copy this and have students in upper grades complete just one task card with multiple skills.

When I taught 3rd grade, I would use my TASKS SETS, or those I had bought and turn them into a MYSTERY GAME. I would take this set, lay all the cards out, faced down, and ALL WEEK long, students would WIN A TURN to go answer a question. I would be teaching and ask a question out loud, call on a student, and if they got that answer correct, they would win a turn at our MYSTERY GAME. Then, they would go to table, choose ANY card, turn it over read it out loud, and answer it. If they got the answer correct, the card was turned over. Some weeks we would play BLACK OUT where ALL CARDS had to be turned over and the last student to answer that card correctly would win a prize. I gave BEANIE BABIES, EXTRA RECESS, LUNCH WITH ME, etc. Then, other weeks, I'd have OINK, you just found the MYSTERY CARD. Answer the question correctly and you win.,.. I'd use a sticky note and attach it to the question. I had lots of ways to play, and the kids even came up with more ways to play.

I found by doing this, I was able to use my resources in more than one way, keep ALL my students listening because they wanted a MYSTERY PRIZE, COVER MORE SKILLS each day, and save myself TIME and MONEY!

I know I have made many typos on my TpT resources no matter how many times I check them. My third grade students were the best proof readers ever! (Miss that part of 3rd grade!) When they would find mistakes on my products, or products I had purchased, we would just take an ink pen, and they would fix it. It showed them that EVERYBODY makes mistakes. They were so proud of themselves for being an editor!

I hope this has given you some ideas of different ways to use ALL those resources you already have.

If you've not tried my Inference Tasks Set you can check it out by clicking on the link below. This one set integrates ALL SUBJECTS into one set.

                                                     INFERENCE TASK CARD SET

Have an OINKTASTIC night!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

A work in Progress

January 14, 2017

I'm so excited to finally have the look I've needed for a long time! I am a WORK in PROGRESS in the world of BLOGGING! I have a passion to share my journey with each of you as I continue to learn and grow. I have always told my students that they learn the most by making mistakes. It is TRUE! Anything that has come easy to me, teaches me nothing. However, thing I try and try to do, fail, try again, fail, and continue to try, TEACH ME THE MOST! I am human, I get frustrated, cry, and feel like a failure when these times occur. What sets me apart is the WILLINGNESS to FACE MY FEARS and FAILURES, LEARN from THEM, and most of all, NEVER EVER GIVE UP on my DREAMS! 
I hope you will find my blog useful, humorous, and able to gain ideas from my post. I will share with you products of mine, ways in which they can be used, products from other sellers that I love, and ways you can use ANY TpT product in more that one way in my next post. 

Here is one of my most recent products added to TpT that is selling great, getting great feedback, and is a growing bundle! This bundle is at 71 pages now, and packed full with resources to integrate SCIENCE into you ELA. You get LABELING DIAGRAMS of 13 ANIMALS ( more to come),CONCEPT SORTS, CLIP TASKS, POSTERS, and ANIMAL CLASSIFICATIONS, and more.  Be sure and check it out by clicking on the link below.This is set ONE and set TWO of the BUNDLE. Each can be purchased separately, but SAVE YOUR MONEY, BUY the BUNDLE that is getting ready to have a THIRD SET added within the week! 

For now, may you be blessed with an OINKTASTIC long and relaxing weekend!