Thursday, January 26, 2017


It's been a BUSY JANUARY for me! I have had to realize that I am NOT a SUPER WOMAN this month! I've Been hoping for SNOW DAYS, but it doesn't look like they are going to come anytime soon! Between teaching, creating new TpT products, updating older products, Instagram, and Facebook, I have let my blogging go for a bit! Tonight, I found myself wanting to let others know that it's HARD WORK teaching our future generation, and if we don't take time for ourselves, everything that we care most about suffers!
I am trying to create a BALANCE between my FAMILY, SCHOOL, TpT, and ALL the Social Media outlets. It's hard for me to do this. Whatever I do, I give it 100%, and get frustrated with myself when I feel I'm not doing this. I know I am way to hard on myself and am striving daily to improve the way in which I VIEW MYSELF. I know you, as well as many other teachers find themselves in this same situation. We want the best for our students, families, and our TpT stores. So we give  ALL WE HAVE of OURSELVES in order to do this. I hope by writing tonight, that each of us will realize we are HUMANS without SUPER POWERS! We must slow down, put our families and selves first! By doing this, we will be able to spread KINDNESS to ALL who we come in contact with in our lives and love ourselves the way in which we should. I hope this reaches all the other women out there trying to be a SUPER WOMAN just like me. We must remember, WE ARE SUPER in so many ways. Just by loving our students, listening to them, and learning to love and accept our imperfections makes us truly SUPER!

May you each have an OINKTASTIC night!

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