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These are just a few tips on how to take ANY TpT product you purchase and use it for more than one thing. Let's use one page of my INFERENCE TASKS SET as an example.

You can do these things ORALLY, or you can copy this set on MULTIPLE colors of card stock so you can have various centers for just this one product, Make one for finding PRONOUNS, VERBS, LINKING VERBS, HELPING VERBS, PAST TENSE VERBS, NOUNS, COMMON & PROPER NOUNS, ETC, Make another center for ANTONYMS and SYNONYMS.

For LOWER ELA classes, you can use your different products to have students search for CAPITAL LETTERS, DIFFERENT END MARKS, COUNT THE NUMBER OF TIMES a SIGHT WORD is used, etc.

So now lets take question 19 and use it to see what skills we can add this set to make our money go even further.
1. I can change the word type to kind. (synonyms)
2. I is found in this task 4 times and is a PRONOUN.
3. Ask is a VERB, the opposite of ask is TELL, this is an example of  ANTONYMS.
4. End is an ANTONYM for BEGIN.
5. Sight Words I spy are: I, am, a, you, with, what, of, & can.

By using just this ONE TASK card, I could copy this and have students in upper grades complete just one task card with multiple skills.

When I taught 3rd grade, I would use my TASKS SETS, or those I had bought and turn them into a MYSTERY GAME. I would take this set, lay all the cards out, faced down, and ALL WEEK long, students would WIN A TURN to go answer a question. I would be teaching and ask a question out loud, call on a student, and if they got that answer correct, they would win a turn at our MYSTERY GAME. Then, they would go to table, choose ANY card, turn it over read it out loud, and answer it. If they got the answer correct, the card was turned over. Some weeks we would play BLACK OUT where ALL CARDS had to be turned over and the last student to answer that card correctly would win a prize. I gave BEANIE BABIES, EXTRA RECESS, LUNCH WITH ME, etc. Then, other weeks, I'd have OINK, you just found the MYSTERY CARD. Answer the question correctly and you win.,.. I'd use a sticky note and attach it to the question. I had lots of ways to play, and the kids even came up with more ways to play.

I found by doing this, I was able to use my resources in more than one way, keep ALL my students listening because they wanted a MYSTERY PRIZE, COVER MORE SKILLS each day, and save myself TIME and MONEY!

I know I have made many typos on my TpT resources no matter how many times I check them. My third grade students were the best proof readers ever! (Miss that part of 3rd grade!) When they would find mistakes on my products, or products I had purchased, we would just take an ink pen, and they would fix it. It showed them that EVERYBODY makes mistakes. They were so proud of themselves for being an editor!

I hope this has given you some ideas of different ways to use ALL those resources you already have.

If you've not tried my Inference Tasks Set you can check it out by clicking on the link below. This one set integrates ALL SUBJECTS into one set.

                                                     INFERENCE TASK CARD SET

Have an OINKTASTIC night!

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