Sunday, February 5, 2017


Check out my newest resources while you are in my TpT! Also, be on the look out for my OLDER products to be updated with NEW CLIP ART, and FONTS, and EXTRAS! Over the past two years I have been blessed to be a seller on TpT and learn so much! What I thought was PERFECT two years ago, I look at now and think, YUCK! 

I'm very proud of some of NEWEST RESOURCES! Check these out:
This is HALF OFF today, February 5th until tonight for $2.50. Then price goes up to $5. Even at $5 you will not regret purchasing this product. The minute I posted, I sold, and got such a positive review! ALL my Close Reads are getting POSITIVE FEEDBACK! Each set gets better! I will be adding to the sets I first made in the fall this summer. If you purchased those, you will just download again. I will out in zip file so you will know what you need to download again, 

This set is a MUST have! Having Interactive Journal Activities for ANY BOOK, POSTERS ready for SKILLS, TASK CARDS that are for your ELA CENTERS, you will not believe how you ever made it without this set. Great for DIFFERENTIATION, EVALUATIONS, and ALL YEAR! For only $8 you have it all and are always ready for UNANNOUNCED EVALUATIONS because your students will know how to do the TASK already. ENJOY!

This one set is $4. You can get the ANIMAL SCIENCE GROWING BUNDLE for $7. It's a $14 VALUE so this means you're getting HALF OFF! There is still ONE SET LEFT to add to this BUNDLE, and a few surprise here and there. Here is the GROWING BUNDLE

                                           ANIMAL SCIENCE GROWING BUNDLE

This set is OINKTASTIC if I say so myself! You will LOVE all the ways you can use this resource! It features ALL species and comes with so many resources that are open ended. You will LOVE this set! $7 and still GROWING as will the price!

This is a colorful set that is great for Kindergarten through 3rd grade. TpT does not like us to choose more than 3 grade levels for a product unless it truly is FOR ALL GRADES. I make ALL my products NOW for K-3rd grade in mind. As a former 3rd grade teacher, I have a best friend who teaches 3rd, my daughter teaches 1st, and now I teach Kindergarten. So, I make products that ALL THREE of us can use.  It has students classify NOUNS as PEOPLE, PLACES, and THINGS. THINGS always seems to get my students the most. Then, VERBS they sort by PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE Tenses. This set is COLORFUL and has WORDS WRITTEN ON each TASK CARD. Your students will LOVE this set.

ENJOY and GOOD LUCK in the GIVEAWAY! My 500 FEEDBACK and 500 FOLLOWERS HUGE GIVEAWAY is coming up ANY DAY NOW on TpT! I am so happy to announce that I have over 25 TpT Sellers and still growing who are teaming up with me to celebrate this MILESTONE that I never thought would be possible! THANK YOU ALL for being an Oink4PIGTALES follower, bearing with me along this journey, and allowing me to do what I LOVE!


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