Sunday, May 21, 2017

Email Freebies


I will be sending out my May FREEBIES very soon!  Be sure and sign up by email for your Oink4PIGTALES FREEBIES for May before May 27th! I will not be sending out FREEBIES again until the end of June. Just fill out the Follow by Email Tab on the right side of my blog to sign up!


Have you entered our Giveaway where five winners will receive one of Five $100 Gift Cards from either TpT Gift CardsAmazon Gift Card, Target Gift Card, or an Erin Condren Gift Card! Click on the link below to enter this MEGA TEACHER GIVEAWAY!

My Newest Products

Here are just of FEW of the newest resources I have added to my store. I have redone several products, so check your purchase and click on recently updated to download all the extras I've added to older products. In the future, I will make the additions in a separate folder labeled ADDITIONS, corrections in folder labeled Corrected, or if I have totally redone a product, it will just be left as is and you will choose RECENTLY UPDATED and download again. Then, you can choose if you like the old version, or newer version better.

Grab this YEAR LONG POCKET CHART and get it ready to use over the summer! This product is a DEAL compared to other sellers who are selling for $30. Grab this for only $8.50.

           POCKET CHART

What child doesn't like catching fireflies? Turn this fun activity into a learning opportunity with my FIREFLIES UNIT for Summer. You and your students will learn some truly amazing facts, make a Flip-It Book, learn about its life-cycle, and can even do online research.

Grab this FREEBIE and check out ALL the options you have with this cute, adorable, and educational center. Thank to Graphics from the Pond for such adorable clip art! This has been a huge hit with my PIGARROOS this year! 

My Close Reads are quickly becoming fastest and best selling resources. Try a SAMPLE of my Close Read on The Tiny Seed by clicking on the link below. 

I look forward to hearing from each of you soon and hope you find the surprise in your email OINKTASTIC! I've only got 8 days to go until summer break, and 1 1/2 of those are without students. I think I will make it! 


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